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Shrinking Salamanders

Dr. Karen Lips is a researcher who typically uncovers new diseases or epidemics affecting amphibians, specifically frogs, in Panama and Costa Rica. She moved to Maryland and began researching local projects. Lips read a chapter in a book from a former Appalachian Mountain researcher about the disappearance of salamanders. She speculated that the disappearance of the salamanders was linked to some sort of disease or epidemic.
“What we started to do on this project is not what we ended up doing,” Lips said.

New Delhi Air Pollution

New Delhi and Beijing are among the most polluted cities in the world. Although the two cities are both infamous for poor air quality, the type of air pollution in New Delhi and in Beijing is different. Experts note that New Delhi and Beijing pose different challenges and health problems.

Barcoding Invasive Species

In the Spring of 2012, two cockroaches were discovered on the Highline in Chelsea. Researchers at the two universities identified the insects as non-native, or not indigenous to the U.S. They came from Japan, likely accompanying ornamental plants. They used a relatively new approach to doing rapid genetic sequencing called DNA barcoding.

Lester Young & Charlie Parker Birthday Celebration: August 27-29 ...

Aug 19, 2014 ... ... with King Oliver, Fletcher Henderson, Coleman Hawkins, and Count ... featured Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, and Max Roach....

2014 Master's Projects | Columbia University Libraries

AUTHOR: Hawkins, Tommy TITLE: The Impact of Desegregation on Black Business ADVISOR: Tu, Duy Linh FORMAT: Print. AUTHOR: Heikkinen, Niina...